Glue stamp, stencil, paint…

Time to try out the glue stamps! They aren’t really as delicate as they look, either!

When you take them off the silicon sheet, the bottom side is flat and a perfect stamp. I laid it out with that side up and applied paint. I’ll tell you right now that 1) I made a very large stamp, 2) large stamps take a lot of paint, and 3) a sponge foam roller is not the best applicator of paint to stamps. The makeup sponge worked better.

Glue stamp paint 1

I flipped the stamp over onto the fabric and ran over it with a brayer.

Glue stamp paint 2

The paint looks lighter on this side, and that was my first clue that the sponge roller might not have delivered enough paint.

Glue stamp paint 3

I simply repeated with another color, using the other applicator and making sure there was a lot of paint on the stamp. I didn’t try to line it up exactly with the first stamp, either. It just didn’t seem to need that bit of exactitude!

Glue stamp paint 5

Came out pretty well. I can certainly work with this. Stuck with the same stamp for the next experiment. I used it as a stamp, then a stencil and spritzed more paint over it.

Glue stamp paint 6

This came out really pretty and I’m eager to make something with it.

And because I just can’t waste any paint, I grabbed a piece of fabric and laid it on top of this while the stamp was still on it and the paint was wet. Tip: have ironed fabric available because those fold lines leave small straight lines when you take the impression.

Glue stamp paint 7

But even this came out very useable, for a clean up cloth! And cleaning the stamp was a simple swish in cool water. There is a tiny bit of paint visible, but that won’t affect anything.

Glue stamp paint 4

Right now I’m very much in love with glue gun stamps. I have more to play with but a few days with outside responsibilities before I can get back to this. Now I can’t wait! So much fun!!!


12 thoughts on “Glue stamp, stencil, paint…

  1. I love this idea. My art quilt group is having a “wet” day to try gelli printing and other paint ideas. Maybe we’ll try this too. Thanks for sharing. Rosemary


    • I can’t wait to try it with my art group also! I feel like it need a lot more exploration on my part–like I’ve barely touched the surface of what I can do with it!


  2. wowie! What a great explanation and showing! You make me want to board a plane, come to your house and play with your stamps!! Wouldn’t that be fun actually to be in the same place playing with paint? LeeAnna


    • Oh, yes! You are one of the people I would most like to get together with to play with paint, fabric, thread, glue, stamps, stencils, beads…..oh, yes!

      On Fri, Nov 21, 2014 at 9:48 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



  3. These are beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether you can draw well or not, you did a fantastic job! (By the way, you draw much better than I do.)


    • It’s easy to do and if I could actually draw they might come out better. But I’ve never been about perfection!

      On Thu, Nov 20, 2014 at 9:07 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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