Details, details

Time to start thinking about the details. These arches are supposed to be made of stone, so I added the “mortar” using my favorite couching foot.

The yarn or ribbon or whatever you are couching goes through the little hole and is sewn down. I use a zig zag stitch, but I’m pretty sure you can use most any stitch. Couching is such an easy way to add a detail.

Arches Details 1

It’s so easy to steer the foot right along the line you wish and the result is a nice, thick line.

Arches Details 2

There are spots that are not exactly on the line, but those can be filled in with other stitching.

Arches Details 3

It’s starting to make the stones individual.

Arches Details 4

Even before I do any quilting, I’m adding quite a bit of stitching. I’m not using a stabilizer; just the foundation fabric, the fusible and the color on top. I’m outlining each stone with black thread, free motion.  The thread kind of pulls the fabric up, pulls things out of shape, not smooth any more, and that is exactly what I want for this piece. Easy texturizing!

Arches Details 6

It’s all ‘texturized’ and ready to be sandwiched for quilting!

Arches Details 5

Don’t know how I’ll be quilting it, but that’s nothing new for me. Don’t know yet, either, when I’ll steal some more time from Christmas stuff, but this one is calling at me, so I’m sure I will!




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