And now–thread details

Started the quilting on the stone part of the arches. Simple lines…and then I decided that simple was just right.

Arches detail 6 Arches detail 5

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy with so little stitching!

Then I had to figure out the quilting on the peach ‘sky’ part. What kind of design did I think I wanted? Something curvy to contrast with the straighter lines on the stones. I don’t usually do too much planning on  quilting designs–I usually just go for it–but this piece has required more thought all along. I actually got out a couple of transparencies and tried a couple of different things! So unlike me…

Arches detail 14 Arches detail 15 Arches detail 17

I ended up liking one of my ‘standards’

Arches detail 16

because I couldn’t think of something better for what is supposed to represent sky in between rocks. Not entirely happy with the concept, but decided to go with it.

And then came the thread question…nooooooo…too much…too much. Time for a lunch break and a long walk.


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    • It *has* come together very quickly. It really helps that I have done it before, in paint, and it’s not very big, only 24 x 30. However, it really does feel like the start of a series!

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