Quilting details

After a nice break to think about things, I started hauling out the thread possibilities for the sky.

Arches detail 8 Arches detail 9 Arches detail 10 Arches detail 11 Arches detail 12 Arches detail 13

Too light–too dark–always gives me trouble–ah ha! The one with pink and yellow looks perfect! Oops! Not much on the spool, but we’ll take it as far as we can. It’s not a color combination that I’d use very often and I sure don’t want to buy more!

Tension test and a tryout for a variation on the swirl quilting idea–

Arches detail 19

Likey, likey!!

Arches quilted

And I had enough to finish the sky! Hooray!

Okay–step away from the quilt! It is done! Well, except for the binding, but that’s easy. I intend to get that part finished this week yet so that I can post an actual finished project. I only need a good title now…


6 thoughts on “Quilting details

  1. I am so glad you picked the thread I liked best, smile. It looks so dynamic! Colorful, always a good thing, and really dynamic. Love the quilting motif. LeeAnna at not afraid of color


    • You don’t realize how many decisions you make until you start recording your process…and I hate to admit how *indecisive* I am most of the time!

      On Thu, Dec 18, 2014 at 8:41 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote: > >


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