Fabric prep

Started playing with fabrics today for two future projects. Not sure either one will be started anytime soon, but I had the time to play with some fabric ideas so I took advantage of it.

I have another painting that I want to interpret in fabric, but in very pale shades of these dark colors.Control fabric

Experiment 1: Cover the fabric in discharge paste and see how much it lightens up. Result:

Discharge fabric

Not too bad, but definitely NOT pale. I was surprised, though, that when I rinsed it, tons of color came out in the water. Don’t know if that’s due to the discharge chemicals or if it was that poorly washed out when I dyed it!

Experiment 2: Take the discharged fabric and dunk it in bleach for a little while. Result:

Bleached fabric

Most of the very dark is gone, but the yellow and red are still very bright and the fabric is still definitely NOT pale.

Conclusion: start with a different piece of fabric–maybe one that’s pale to start with! Done with this for today!

My other experiment of the day started out with this collection of textiles.

Texture fabric 6

I’ve gathered them for a project idea, but they’ve just been sitting in a basket, getting acquainted with each other, for months…or even more than a year! It’s almost like they are precious or extra expensive and I’ve been afraid to cut into them. NOT! So I grabbed a piece and played with an idea I had about texturing.

Twin needles, two colors of thread, some of my crinoline-like mystery fabric—what could be more fun?!

Starting:     Texture fabric 1

I liked it! I was trying to get wrinkles and folds and it worked!

Texture fabric 3

It’s hard to tell how big things are from just a picture, but the piece of fabric I started with was a yard of 36″ wide fabric. The finished size is about 24″ square.

Texture fabric 4

I’m debating if I want to add some couching on top of this or use that on another hunk. That decision will be made as I get into the project. All I know right now is that I’m happy with the way this turned out.

Texture fabric 2

Hooray for texture!


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  1. hooray for sure! Love the texture. Reminds me of a more orderly approach I did for a STAT project but I like the organic, wild piece you made VERY much! LeeAnna at not afraid of color


    • Wild is correct! It’s an attitude I only get when I have a LOT of a particular fabric and it’s okay if some of it gets messed up. If I have a limited amount, I feel I have to be careful not to ‘ruin’ it! As if I don’t have *tons* of other fabric or as if I can’t make something else with the ‘ruined’ fabric!

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