Christmas stitching

Christmas morning was very quiet around here. The family celebration was scheduled for later in the day, everything was ready and I had empty hands. Wonderful opportunity to sit by the fire and do some stitching…but I didn’t have anything prepped. Lucky for me, I do have a bit of a stash from which to choose!

A strip of luscious silk, some thread, and I was ready to go…

Silk strip 1

So fast and so peaceful to just stitch and stitch…

Silk strip 2

I have no idea what I’ll be doing with this strip…

Silk strip 3

It may just be one of many, with decisions made after I have a few done.

Silk strip 4

I only know that random stitching on luscious fabric is a fabulous way to spend some quiet time.

And then we got to my favorite part of Christmas…love all that wrapping paper thrown on the floor!

Christmas trash


8 thoughts on “Christmas stitching

  1. once again, love the texture that the colors made on the silk. The winding freeform organic line, adds so much movement and interest , along with the French knots… I just love what you make. And the fact that you just start making stuff. LeeAnna at not afraid of color


    • But Leeanna–you create in the same way. Just starting with a different perspective, using your fun fabrics. It’s so satisfying to just pick up and make something, isn’t it? So free and unrestricted by rules or preconceptions. That’s the best kind of creating!

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