Slow stitching…grows!

This is a good time of year for stepping back and slowing down. There are family days, feasts, presents and parties and, for us, spending extra time with our grandson! There was also time for some slow hand-stitching. My Christmas day sewing is here. I loved doing that so much that I have been stitching on another little strip.

Silk stitching 2

My first thought was to have one of these available to work on whenever I had some free time. I’d just stitch and accummulate and figure out what I wanted to do with them later. Then I thought about bunches of long, skinny strips and assembling yet another portrait orientation wall hanging. The idea just did not appeal to me. I want long, horizontal strips of no more than 2 or 3 strips. I’ve rarely been this decisive so early in a project!

My thoughts were on assembly, even as I was stitching away, and I was mentally selecting and eliminating fabric and colors as I sewed. I narrowed it down to wanting a touch of something red, orange or pink on the curvy edges between the pieces. Then I looked in the box of silk available and liked this coral, or possibly the hot pink. There was still the possibility of going subtle with the royal blue.

Silk stitching 3

The coral won.

Silk stitching 4

There will be a need to add something top and bottom because I want to have this squared up and even…I think. Maybe some celery green color…

But it’s time to get it assembled. There will be more stitching that flows between the strips…there may still be some beading. At some point closer to the finishing, there will be the addition of some type of ‘batting’ and some quilting stitches, but that is yet to be determined.

Time to figure that out as I do some more slow stitching!



4 thoughts on “Slow stitching…grows!

    • I have no ambition any more to do anything more than sew for enjoyment. Sometimes that’s slow and sometimes it’s fast, but it’s always because I *want* to do it! Life is good!

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    • It’s hard to move away from self-inflicted finish-it-now pressure, but it’s worth it. I’m beginning to actually feel retired and enjoying a leisurely life style. My calendar means less and less. It makes life even better!

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