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My Christmas gift from last year, from my husband, was finished up this week. I got my last month of the Color Inspiration Club from Pink Castle Fabrics. I discovered a dirty little secret about myself this year, too. I’m rather obsessive about ‘collections’ that I acquire. My fabric stash was growing by 10 fat quarters every month, but I refused to use any of it. I wanted to have the whole collection in my possession before I started depleting it. Crazy? Maybe, but it’s my solid color palette and I wanted the whole rainbow from which to choose.

This is how they came to me…a different grouping every month.

Color Insp 1

Each month was better than the last and I could have made projects as each came in…but my hoarding compulsion took control of my mind and I just couldn’t cut into them!

Now look at what a wonderful palette of solid colors I have!!! And no duplicates, though you may not be able to tell that from my photo.

Color Insp 2

It may still take me a little while to start cutting into them, but now I have them when I need them.

(This post may sound like an advertisement, but it’s really not. It just happened to be what I needed at the particular time I needed solid fabrics!)

Now to vigorously start using up more of my fabric stash. I have more fabric than I can realistically use in my lifetime and sometimes I look at a piece and wonder what I’m saving it for! Yes, it’s fabric I bought because I love it. Hoarding it doesn’t do me any good! It’s meant to be used and I mean to start using it–even if that means passing it on to someone who needs it more than I do.

When I was just a young quilter starting out, I was so appreciative of any fabric that anyone gave to me, though I couldn’t always understand why someone would give fabric away. Now I understand, but I really don’t currently know any beginning quilters. I can see that I need to change that!


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  1. I buy almost entirely from selected solids now. I am always out of pastel fabrics and am dyeing them myself. Buying larger amounts of a good white. I like batiks, but they are more expensive and I use less of them. So, having so many solids is quite impressive.


    • I’ve never been able to dye pastels…they just seem so wimpy to me! Yet I always need them, so that’s what I end up needing to buy. Now I have a great selection of solids! Especially valuable when I get a brainstorm and work in the middle of the night!

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