Daily and weekly stitching

There are several people out in blogland who do a daily and/or weekly stitching project. Some people write daily journals. There are those who spend time sketching every day.

I don’t have a regular daily practice–beyond consuming coffee first thing in the morning! I admire those who do and love seeing their results, if they post them. It’s another ‘little’ thing that can accummulate into a really nice big thing.

Love Linda’s weekly leaf http://notesfromstudiob.blogspot.com/ and Kathy’s daily collage http://kathysdailyart.blogspot.com/search/label/collage%20project%202014 but every day?

It’s something I’d like to do but I don’t know exactly WHAT to do! I’m thinking a weekly project to start with—52 things vs. 365—almost a no-brainer.

I have a lot of silk and a lot of wool. I bead. I embroider. I machine stitch. I knit. planning

Something should suggest itself to me–and soon! We’re a couple of weeks into Jan. already, so I’m behind before I even know what I’m going to do!

Don’t panic, Kathy! The goal is to come up with something to be committed to and if it takes a while to figure it out, go forward from there.

Hmmm….red silk?


3 thoughts on “Daily and weekly stitching

  1. This year the only goal ive set myself is to sew down my stash. I really need to do that. And i’m planning (hoping!) to remember to blog everything. But that requires me to take a photo first!


    • I often get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I forget to take pictures until it’s too late to document the process. And I’m rarely willing to re-create a step just to put it on my blog! So sometimes it looks like a big jump from one step to the next, but I am also determined to sew down my stash! Keep sewing!

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