A big FAIL!

This is a rare picture–may never be seen again–a cleared off cutting table, ready to begin a new project!

Sew big 1

This is part of my new work plan. Today is dedicated to using fabrics from my stash to make bed quilts. I’ve had a set of fabrics selected and an idea in mind for a while, but it was only going to be a wall hanging. And probably a class sample. Now it’s going to be a bed size quilt. Look at one reason why:

Sew big 2

Fat quarters, half yards, fat eighths, even some full yards of text fabrics and support fabrics. More than enough for a big quilt and a big time scrap generator if I go small.

First set of fat quarters selected and stacked. Using full fat quarters so that I start this quilt with nice, big blocks.

Sew big 3

Cut with a nice, gentle curve-

Sew big 4

And that’s where it all started going wrong! I have never had so much trouble with sewing curves like this and NOT having them lay flat!

Sew big 5

Usually that can be fixed by taking a deeper seam. Not this time…

Sew big 6

A bit better but not enough. I’m still totally puzzled as to why but I’m thinking it was having 2 relatively steep curves in a short distance. The only real fix I came up with was layering with another fabric and recutting to a smoother curve.

Sew big 7 Sew big 8

I re-stacked the blocks after the first curved piece was sewn and then cut into them again. I only got these six large blocks made, probably because I was discouraged with my curve sewing failure. Sure can’t use these blocks as class samples–unless it’s for what NOT to do. Anyway, these are up on the design wall as the beginning of The Using Stash for Bed Quilts Plan.

Sew big 9

And, of course, I’ve already started moving them around!

Sew big 10

I’m sure they won’t stay grouped together like this as I go along. Did you see all that fabric? Yeah–I have lots more sewing to do! Hopefully, the next sew day will have better results!




12 thoughts on “A big FAIL!

    • As I said, I’ve not had the problem as badly as this one. I think I know why and I’ll try to avoid it in the future. I suppose it is always good to have a “what not to do” around as an example!

      On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 1:57 PM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



    • Thanks–I love the fabrics, so how can any quilt made with them disappoint me now? I just have to persevere and get it done!

      On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 11:33 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



    • I like the blocks but my execution was less than perfect. I’ll be trying again, just a little bit wiser and hopefully more successfully.

      On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 8:03 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



  1. Love the blocks though! Seriously, I’d keep those less-than-perfects for class samples. I feel like we all learn more from seeing what NOT to do than to see it done perfectly. You can talk about why they went wrong and then students will clearly see why they need to do it a certain way.


    • I always tell my students that I try to make all the mistakes so they don’t have to! I also like to have mistakes to show how they can be fixed. I also say that’s it’s just another design opportunity…I could flip that crease back and make texture!!!

      On Sat, Jan 17, 2015 at 7:59 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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