Almost finished and a new beginning

Silk–I’m loving it! This piece has all the stitching and beading done. It’s only pinned onto the design wall for this picture, but you can get a good idea of how it will finish.

Silk.stitching done

I can’t quite get the color right, no matter what I try. The “red” is actually a hot pinkish coral. And in this picture, you can’t see that there is a line of beads along the bottom of the coral strip. Actually, can’t see much detail in this pic at all! See why I think I need photography lessons?

It’s an odd size, so I have to explore a bit to see how it will be mounted. I want to use a canvas and bring the front around to the back. It may be easier to put it on foam core board and frame it, but that framing business with odd ball sizes gets expensive! I’ll show you what I come up with when it’s finally, totally finished! detail

My weekly projects decisions have been made…sort of! I was going to have all the bases made up and ready to go before I started, but I’ve changed my mind. I do not want 52 pieces so totally similar as to have no real uniqueness. But I do want to work in the 8-10″ size range.

So, I’m going to get some bases set up with the similar batik backgrounds and get going. Starting with a focus bead and hand stitching…that was my plan for the last time I started these and I think it’s still a good plan. Then before I get bored with that, I’ll be ready to make some different type bases…maybe silk or wool, maybe pieced, maybe applique or stacked fabrics.

I just know that having a little variety will keep me on task for the whole year. Hmmm….one other thing. I think I should completely finish each piece, each week, or I’ll have another pile of UFO’s at the end of the project!

All right! My project is defined, my goals are set, my first bases are ready to go. DO IT, girl!


2 thoughts on “Almost finished and a new beginning

  1. Tough choices. I was told that the bigger the lens on your camera, the better your pictures. I always figure out the hanging before I start the piece. Now you know why. Odd sizes present problems. I like the contrasts you choose.


    • I really know so very little about photography! But it does help with making design decisions and I’ve decided that this piece is still not quite done. Needs just a few more beads in the red strip…and my son doesn’t know it yet but he’s going to be cutting some wood stretcher frames for me in custom sizes!

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