Trying it out…

Finally had a chance to learn hands-on about deconstucted screen printing, along with a lot of things to try for spontaneous screen printing. Thanks so much to instructor Debra Gash! I learned a lot and discovered that there is tons that I don’t have a clue about. I love classes like that because it means I have a whole new world to explore!

So I got a little spontaneous and brave and tried out a couple of things. Pardon the poor photos, but some of the ‘stuff’ is hard to get a good photo of!

In class, we used an embroidery hoop and polyester fabric with a resist for one of our projects. I had both, so I got them ready.

Paint screen 1

I taped a stencil onto the face, using just clear packing tape. That gave me a resist and a tape area for the ‘well’ for my paint.

Paint screen 2

Being too lazy to go searching for the proper tools, such as a squeegee to pull the paint, I improvised with a paint chip card and that same tape for a smooth edge. It worked.

Paint screen 3

Maybe a real squeegee would have given me a better result, but this gave me a very thick pile of paint.

Paint screen 5

Then I used a sponge

Paint screen 4

and the results were a little better.

Paint screen 6

You can actually see what this Rube Goldberg screen printing set up looks like with the paint that’s left after I used it.

Paint screen 7

Tape pulled off nice and easily, stencil, of course, was just set on the screening and the fabric just needed to be released from the hoop. The fabric washes easily as long as you don’t let the paint dry, so you don’t have to throw it away.

This was not perfect, but it’s part of this whole new world that I get to explore now. And you really DON’T need a huge amount of specialized equipment.

Thickened dye and deconstructed printing are next on the agenda…when I have time to play. And I guess by that, I mean when I have a whole day to really, really get into it and experiment. Got a busy couple of weeks coming up, so it may be a while, but this way I’ll always have something to look forward to!


10 thoughts on “Trying it out…

  1. I never thought of using a hoop to make a screen for printing and I do have several. I’ll have to try that. And taping a stencil for a resist. Fun. Thanks for posting that.


    • I kind of like that fabric, too, and it was just a garbage piece that I painted over! Never know how things will turn out!

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  2. I have been trying to plan out how I will work this in to my schedule. I think I may purchase a few screens and prep them one week and print the next. That way, I think I might get more actual printing done. Or may take a whole weekend and prep one day and print the next. We’ll see.


    • I’m going nuts trying to figure out how to find time for everything I want to do. When I’ll have the time, I won’t be home and I don’t want to drag everything with me! And who says you have all kinds of time when you are retired!

      On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 7:20 PM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



  3. When working in a relatively small space such as the hoop you showed….a good option for pulling the paint is to use a hotel key card, or any unwanted plastic card…such as loyalty cards, gift cards, etc.


    • And I do save those and use them, but I didn’t have any handy right at the moment I was doing the screen. I was too “into the moment” to walk upstairs and get my stash of cards! They are down by my paint now, though!!

      On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 12:00 PM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



    • I’ve found in these last couple of experiments that it’s easier to just use the stencil when you are only using one. When you are putting several stencils down it’s easier to use the screen. Love exploring like this!

      On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 9:14 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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