Weekly Special progress

My Weekly Special projects are getting organized. I’ve been super busy lately and questioning my “weekly” decision on these. I know that some weeks will not be so busy, though, so I’ll stick with the plan, figuring that it will all even out by the end of the year.

When I last showed this piece to you, I had decided that the plain background needed a little paint.

WkSp Screen 1

I played with some stencils, some colors and some paint and ended up with this background.

WS bkgd paint

The top layer is a pearlescent green, which gives it a nice shine.

WS bkgd paint 2

As I started looking at beads, I pretty much decided that this piece would be more beads than embroidery. I want some beading, or at least one featured bead on each piece. I love the little faces on these featured beads and I think there will be a simple grid of the other colors

WS painted faces 1

…unless I go craaaaazzzzzyyyy with fringes coming down from those girlies!

To balance that, I picked a simple group of beads for the next piece and plan on doing quite a bit of embroidery. Don’t have a clue what yet, but that’s how I roll!

WS plain bkgd beads 1

Getting these ready may end up to be more fun than actually sewing them!


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