One more background

I had time to put together one more Weekly Special package. I liked the addition of paint to that first piece so I thought I’d add a few pieces of silk to this one. I’m going to fuse the silk down and probably add some stitching, but just look at all the choices for beads that I have!!!

WS bkgd silk 1

I tried them all out and each and every one of them looked fine. Just arbitrarily, I eliminated the round and oval stones. I tried out the more square ones a second, or third time, and they worked all right with the squarish pieces of silk.

But my final decision came down to what I kept coming back to, again and again. These leaves just look wonderful to me with this combination of background and silk.

WS bkgd silk 2

I may move the squares around a bit more before I trim them up and fuse them, but this is the essence of what this piece will be. There may be beads added somewhere within the silk or on the edges, because I just plain like beads!

All I need now is a bit of time to start sewing on these. Oh, wait–I have to schedule time for the things I want to do, or life will fritter that time right out of my life!

And scrap sewing needs time and making big quilts takes time and teaching takes time…I have to remind myself that we each have only 24 hours to each day and I must prioritize what I want to do with them.

Living life doing what I love. That’s my ultimate goal!


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  1. Our lives are on similar paths. There are not enough hours in the day and I have to schedule a block of time first thing in the mornings to work on projects or life takes over. I need to be stranded on a dessert island for a while with all my supplies and no phones or internet. lol


  2. I love your artwork. I’m in a quilt guild in Livonia mi. We are interested in setting up a class for Fabric Dying or Fabric Painting. Do you teach these types of classes? If so could you send some info on minimum, maximum, cost etc. we are also interested in getting info on having you come to our guild and give a Trunk Show. Thank you Debbie Petersen 248-982-7631

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