Too Many Leaves?

Christmas tree time meant re-arranging the furniture in the living room. After Christmas, not everything went back to where it began, including my beading table. It really fits better in a part of the room that does not have a line of sight to the TV. I’m finding that I’m not doing as much beading that way. It helps to glance up at the screen and re-focus my eyes when I work…and I like to watch football and hockey!

Beaded Leaf 1

I’ve been doing quite a bit of embroidery, because I can curl up on the couch to do that. I guess I’m going to have to break down and move the furniture again. It’s a long, rectangular room, without much choice for placement. I’d rather bead than make a fashion statement, though, so it’s back to the old arrangement!

Embroidery 1

So why does my header ask about leaves, you ask? Because that’s what I’ve been embroidering! When I last used leaves for stamping, I did several. And then I had a thermofax screen made from one of those prints and I made a few more. Then I won a blog giveaway and got some more leaf screens. Whooooooa, Nelly!

Playing with paint 2

It’s really time to start using up those prints, and my Weekly Special project is just the spot for it.

Playing with paint 6

Don’t know exactly how many of these I have, but it doesn’t really matter. I have a whole year of stitching planned for small pieces and these will be perfect. I just need to get my spot set up for beading again, since many of these will certainly need the sparkle of beads added to them!

Maple leaf 12  1

At least this one is finished! Only 51 to go…do I really want to count? I don’t think so. Just keep stitching!



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