Back and forth, back and forth

Scrolling through my library of blog pictures, I can see that I post a few pictures as I work on something, then show something else, then go back to show progress on the other thing and then go on to something else and come back to progress made on the second thing…….I almost never show one single thing from start to finish, because that’s not how I work, nor is it how I record my progress.

Schmidt-Postcard 6

My blog really is a reflection of the way I put things together. I will start with a piece of fabric or a vague idea. I cut and sew or paint or dye and then something either has to dry or life interrupts. I may get stuck on where to go next with a piece. Months have sometimes gone by before I come back to a particular piece of work. So, I show you what I have, as I’m doing it. Maybe a little disjointed, or it might seem repetitive if you only tune in occasionally and happen to see the same project coming up yet again!

Sometimes I’ll finish a piece and forget to show the finished item on the blog. And someone will ask me if I ever completed that whatever-it-was and I’ll have to confess that it’s been done for a while and just never photographed.

And all those previous words are just because I’m going back to another older piece that has been kicking around for quite a while. I pick it up, work on it, change my mind, rip some out, do it again. Well, I’m not ripping anything out now.

Large sycamore 1

Still looks like big, colorful, sycamore leaves, right? Well, I got the embroidery done and when you get a little closer, the leaves look like this.

Large sycamore detail1

Covered in stitching. And a bit closer and you can help me answer my next design question…

Large sycamore detail2

Don’t you think I should add some beads to this?

I really like it as is, but I loved it when it was just painted with no stitching, too. It seems that each time I add a layer, I like it more. But sometimes I have a tendency to go overboard so I don’t know if that’s the case here.

Guess what? I’ll probably go back and forth some more with this one before it’s done. I’ll make the bead decision, I’ll quilt all around each leaf, binding or facing or corded, shaped edges. I’ll debate mounting on stretchers or making it a soft wall hanging. And there won’t be anything consecutive about my postings!

Work, think, post, work, think, post…over and over. That’s my pattern!


18 thoughts on “Back and forth, back and forth

  1. I’m not nearly as productive in getting things done. So I’m a big admirer of your dedication. I think a continuous process and a stop & set aside process each work, depending on the vision the creator has. It seems like the most fun is in following one’s creative path wherever it goes in completing a work. On the other hand, how much you add to a piece is kind of like turning up the volume on a speaker to fill the space or circumstance. Sometimes you only have to turn up the volume a little, other times a lot. From a marketing perspective, putting too much volume into a piece may not be worth the time. Unless, the process is solely to fulfill your creative spirit.


    • Good food for thought, Lori. And I guess I really turn up the volume to satisfy my own perspective. I never think about the marketing because I’m so bad at it! I have hundreds of items that could sell, but I don’t work at it. I just keep making because I love to do it!

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    • Exactly! Sometimes things need to wait on my indecision and sometimes they need a time out when they don’t behave the way I want them to! That’s why we need to work on more than one thing at a time!

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  2. I work just lien you do, except when I’m making jewellery. My pieces are so small that they’re usually finished before my crafter’s add kicks in. I am wanting to make a. Inverted effort to be more productive now, so all those UFOs might finally come to something. (I always forget to photograph the FOs!)


    • It’s so hard to remember to photograph the finished ones, because when they’re done, I’m done with them! Good to know I’m not the only one who works like that–I like the idea of crafter’s ADD…I could have that!

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  3. It’s lovely as is….but since you asked….of course you should add beads……perhaps tiny 3 cuts for the sparkle nothing large that will interrupt what you’ve already done. My humble opinion only….


    • Good suggestion! My first instinct would be to go with lots and various types and colors, just like the rest of the piece, but tiny single type would be perfect! Thanks–your opinions carry a lot of weight with me!

      On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 8:14 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



  4. Every artist has a method of work style that is unique to her only. Another artist may not work well with this method, but has developed their own. I have a tendency not to move on until the project at hand comes to completion. I work in 30 day cycles. That is why I only post once a month. But that is just me. Yes, I think some beads would work well with the stitching.


    • I so very rarely work on only one piece at a time…but that’s one vote for beads! Good, ’cause I really think I want some!

      On Sat, Jan 31, 2015 at 7:35 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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