Private Collections

My personal private collection contains fabric–tons and tons of it. Not nearly as impressive as what we saw today!

We were privileged to see a private collection of vehicles and related memorabilia, the likes of which I have never imagined. And it was the absolute top of the line–lots of ‘firsts’ and ‘onlys’ in the descriptions. I was invited to take as many pictures as I wanted, but there was just too much! I knew I could never capture the thousands of wonderful items, so I settled for getting an impression of the beauty of the collection as a whole.

Chessor 1

Motorcycles and some fabulous cars!

Chessor 2

Look at all the trophies on that right hand wall! I could see how they were earned and how well-deserved!

Chessor 3 Chessor 4 Chessor 6

The first wooden bike and some that Mr. C built himself…some motorized bikes and a huge wheel and motor on a scooter!!!

Chessor 8 Chessor 7 Chessor 10

Chessor 11


Chessor 9 Chessor 12

And then we got to go inside the house! Wow was the only word we could seem to say! I didn’t take many pictures there–Victrolas, gaming machines, historical items, a Morton Salt kitchen, even…but I couldn’t resist a picture of these clocks. More firsts!

Chessor 13

And the gears……..mind-blowing!

Chessor 14

Absolutely loved this marvelous tour and I’m so grateful to Mr. and Mrs. C for sharing all their treasures with us!



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  1. We belong to a car club and one year went to a place like this somewhere in Ohio. There were three huge pole barns an two were filled with cars, motorcycles and other car stuff. The third was set up in vignettes with all kinds of thing I had never seen before. It is amazing to see the extent of some peoples collections (addictions). Always fun to see for sure.


    • It was just amazing to me to see the quantity, quality and variety of this collection! It was a great treat!

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