Working on the Weekly Specials

Not really finishing anything, because I don’t have canvases and stuff here on vacation, but I’m continuing to work on my Weekly Specials. Needing to get caught up spurs me on…and I do have the time now.

Here’s where I’m at on this one. Decided to do it all in shades of green.

WS grean leaf

I’ve decided that I need more shades of green threads! It could just be an excuse to go to a fiber store…

WS green leaf detail

Nooooo, there are only 5 shades in this detail photo. That’s not nearly enough, right?

And you are going to have to suffer my experiments in getting detail photos…I just have a hard time with them! Here’s the leaf after beading.

WS Green leaf beaded

And a couple of beaded close-ups, that are probably fuzzy! I will improve my photography skills-I will, I will, I will!

WS Green leaf detail 1  WS Green leaf detail 2

But as I practice picture taking, I’m going to keep stitching, too. At least I’m confident with that skill!