This week’s special

Getting caught up with my Weekly Special resolve for this year! I really don’t think I’ll keep count until about June. By that time I’ll need to check and see that I’m still on track for one per week…OR I’ll be so sick of doing these little pieces that I’ll decide to move on to some other “regularly scheduled” practice!

WS leaf beads

Isn’t it funny how the camera catches things that you don’t notice when you are looking at the actual piece? This one obviously needs a good pressing before I mount it.

I also find it hard to keep things simple. This is kind of subtle and elegant and I should definitely leave it alone. But there is something in me that wants to keep adding more lines of beads and maybe some fringe. STOP! Walk away from it and call it done!

WS leaf beads detail 1

I loved these big leaf pendants when I first saw them, and I still love them. If/when I sell these small pieces, I think there will be quite a few that I will miss and remember fondly.

WS leaf beads detail 2

On the other hand, if/when I get actual money for them, that can ease the sorrow as I go shopping for new beads!

As always on Friday, I’m linking up to Off the Wall Friday!