Wildlife Walk

We always like to go to the Wildlife Preserve and take a walk on a nice day. Today was so perfect…warm, sunny, with a light breeze…

So here are my usual wildlife pics…and I never get tired of being able to do this in the dead of winter!

This guy didn’t seem to care that there were people around.

Wildlife 1


He just kept walking closer and closer.

Wildlife 2

And finally walked off the path just before he walked into us!

Wildlife 3

And the turtles just lay there laughing!

Wildlife 4

We always see alligators. This guy was getting ready to take a little swim, but I felt like he might be contemplating us for lunch!

Wildlife 6

Guess we didn’t look appetizing enough.

Wildlife 7

This big boy was only interested in soaking up the sun!

Wildlife 5

We almost forgot to look up and check out the wildlife in the trees, too.

Wildlife 8

And lovely grasses all around…

Wildlife 9 Wildlife 10

These guys are very hard to see in the picture. They were quite big but also quite far away and I don’t have a multi-big-super-powered-camera lens like you see on the sidelines of football games!

Wildlife 11

A lovely walk on a lovely day!








Random thoughts…


Random 1

A reminder that Florida is a semi-tropical jungle

Magnolia-spring 3 Magnolia-spring 2 Magnolia-spring 1

Early spring inspiration

Random 3

Ever present Spanish Moss…which is neither Spanish nor moss!


Fruit trees everywhere

Orange in tree

Some–not so appetizing!

Random 2

Even the most neglected trees try to produce

Random 5

Spring really is here!

Catlow 2 Catlow 1

More glass art out in Marilyn Catlow’s yard

There’s always something to see and marvel at…