Simple = Subtle

Subtle is very rarely part of my vocabulary. I like it when I see it, but I sure can’t produce it! I think I may have done it this time.

The leaves were stamped–yes, using actual gingko leaves and metallic paint. I have a couple other ones, too, that will be coming up soon. I would like to keep them all simple and subtle…good luck to me! Oh, yes, I have shown them to you before.

Playing with paint 4

Simply mounted on a neutral background, beaded with only a single bead color. My question is adding beads around the black, after the leaves have been done.

A line on the black…

Black:gold gingko detail 1

or a line on the neutral…

Black:gold gingko detail 2

Turns out that my subconsious made the decision before I even recognized the question. My needle only let me add the beads in a little picot on the beige fabric.

Black:gold gingko detail 3

And I’m hoping that I can actually call this one subtle—and mean it!

Black:gold gingko

Does it need any quilting?



10 thoughts on “Simple = Subtle

  1. You have a very wise needle. I love the picot edging. A little quilting in the border, and it’ll be good to go. Gingko leaves are one of my favorites!


  2. Lovely and yes, subtle. Quilting can add some extra texture…..but of course you’d need to be careful not to distort the already beaded areas. Maybe a bit in the outer boarder would suffice.


    • I guess I was only thinking about quilting in the border area. That’s still a maybe. I’ll decide when I get home.

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