Simple, but not done.

Keeping it simple is one of my new goals. This piece certainly qualifies, but I think it’s a bit too simple!

WS gingko strip

There’s no real marriage between the gingkoes, the black and the background.

WS gingko strip detail

I’m happy with the leaves. Here’s what I’m thinking for the background…adding some stitching, probably just simple running stitches with black embroidery floss or perle cotton. It should be easy to follow the lines on the print and then I’ll insert a small black bead and/or a small glass bead every once in a while. What do you think?

I did not bring any of the black beads I have with me and I am NOT going to buy more here just to finish this piece! It can wait until I get back home! I can get started with the stitching, though, to see how I like it.

…maybe after a nap!

Or the next day! I added simple running stitches, a bit randomly, with 3 strands of floss. Did a lot to integrate the leaves and the background. (Picture is crooked, not the actual piece!)

WS Gingko strip 3

In fact, I’ve decided that it really doesn’t need any beads! I’m satisfied with it the way it is.

WS gingko strip detail 2

I’m off for another nap, I think. Vacation is coming to a close and I have to get in all the lazy days I can!


8 thoughts on “Simple, but not done.

  1. Addition of black stitching was brilliant! It’s so much fun to have these kinds of questions come up and to find the solutions that work. I suspect these small projects give you lots of practice with this, too!


    • These small projects are great for practicing design, focal point, color…all sorts of things, without being long, drawn out or boring. This year long small project thing is going to be very good for me!

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