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Feb. 8–went to the Mt. Dora Festival of the Arts. Huge event and we didn’t see the half of it in the time we spent there. Promised ourselves we’d go back and check out the town after the festival was over.

Today was the day. I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the shops…lots of art and handmade items and I didn’t want to infringe on anyone’s proprietary work. But here’s the scoop…this town is absolutely darling! Lots of little shops–some are typical tourist gift stores and some are wonderfully unique.

It was quite cold, for Florida! We went up and down all the Mr. Dora hills. Almost bought the shirt that said “I conquered Mt. Dora. Elevation 144 ft.”

Then I saw the front of this building and fell in love. I could have taken 100 pictures right here!

Mt. Dora 7

I feel like I left out a lot of detail with the pictures I took, but it was just wonderful.

Mt. Dora 8 Mt. Dora 9 Mt. Dora 10

We only looked at the buildings down by the water, which were also spectacular, but it was too cold and windy to be a picture taker there. However, right at the start of the downtown area, this Victorian beauty just called out to my camera…

Mt. Dora 1 Mt. Dora 2

Blazing sun made it hard to capture accurate color, but every fancy bit of gingerbread you can think of was on this place. It’s the Masonic building here now, but it started life as a private home. Yumminess!

Mt. Dora 3 Mt. Dora 4 Mt. Dora 6

We were just delighted with our day in Mt. Dora and I highly recommend it to anyone touristing around this part of Florida. We didn’t see everything…we left something to see for next time!


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    • Should have been a bookstore or a library…and may have been, for all I know. But they sure created a wonderful storefront, whatever it once was!

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