Artist Chit Chat

Today was a wonderful day for me! I got to go visit glass artist Marilyn Catlow. We talked and talked and I was so glad to get to know her better. She has had some health issues so she is not doing shows anymore, but she is still represented in at least one gallery–which I neglected to get the name of! Her eyesight is having some issues, too, that she has to work around. She is still making new work, though, because she is a true artist and she MUST create!

And her work…!!!!! I am totally and unconditionally in love with it. Even including my own work, I love glass art the best of all media. Marilyn had pieces hanging from every inch of wall space in her home. She said that many of the pieces were older and that the particular style of this or that piece wasn’t as popular today. Well, it was ALL still just as popular as ever with me.

She has been publicly recognized for her contributions to public art and she has more ribbons than I could count. I took quite a few snapshots and I’ll share them with you in a little slideshow.

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The most amazing part of the day was that Marilyn GIFTED me with two pieces of her art!!!! I could not believe her generosity, but there was no way I was going to decline. I am one of the happiest creatures on earth right now.

Look–these pieces are MINE, all mine!!! Hooray!

MC 19


MC 21

MC 22

So much gorgeousness going on my walls. I can’t stop smiling!