Major leaf printing

You know by now that I love to use leaves for stamping paint on fabric. Both last year and this year while we were in Florida, there was a large leaf that kept shouting at me to use it. I ignored it until our last day there and then I broke down, bought a chunk of fabric and some paint. I wanted gray, and couldn’t believe the store I was at did not have gray fabric paint! So I settled for yellow, with white to temper it.

The first print was very pale, but I think I’ll be able to use it. I had to darken it to show it here, it’s so pale!

Frond yellow 1

But you can’t really tell what it is! The next one was quite a bit darker.

Frond yellow 3

And you can start to see that it’s a philodendron selloumphilodendron selloum

and these things are BIG!! I picked a smaller leaf–it was only as long as my arm!

I did a couple of smaller ‘parts’ of the leaf and a half leaf, which is my favorite!

Frond yellow 2

The last print I did was was using the leaf as a mask and just painting around the edges. I like it a lot, too.

Frond yellow 4

You know by now that I don’t work on projects in a linear fashion. I will do something with these, but it’s not going to be tomorrow. It’ll be whenever and I’ll show you when I do something, but it’s an idea in the bank now…several ideas, actually, because these are huge!

Don’t know what I’ll be working on next…there are so many possibilities. I prefer that term to UFO’s! Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “Major leaf printing

    • I’m glad I made the effort to capture them while I was in Florida. Now I will have them when I want them instead of just wishing for them!

      On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 11:57 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



  1. Don’t have any such interesting leaves to use, but leaf printing is always great fun. And natural elements are always useful to use within other combinations. You could do a lot of stamping on top of the yellow. And then beading of course.


    • I’m sure there are lots of interesting leaves and flowers around you, too. I believe the first thing I’m going to do with one of these leaf prints is dye the fabric. Then we’ll see what the piece will call for!

      On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 7:42 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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