Bump in the road

Even though I said I wasn’t going to count my Weekly Special projects, I couldn’t help myself. I felt a need to see if I was on track for my goal of finishing one a week. This is week 9.

WS count 1

I have eight done, so I’m close. I’m putting quite a bit more work into these than I first anticipated, but I’m enjoying what I’m doing. I think if I don’t keep exactly to one per week, but stay close, I’ll be satisfied. The ultimate goal is to discipline myself into always having something to work on…and work on it.

There are a few more ready to go, or close to ready.

WS count 2

I do love those gingkoes!

The embroidered leaves on batting need some quilting around them to hold the  parts together before they are mounted. I thought a simple outline and echoing would be fine. Ummm…not so much!

WS bad quilting 1

I think it looks awful. Totally takes away from the embroidery and beading.

WS bad quilting 2

I’m going to try a more neutral thread color and maybe not an outline. Probably a simple spiral.

Right now I need to spend some time removing some dark green thread! Not my favorite process…

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    • That was very obvious just as soon as I took it off the machine and actually *looked* at it! I’ll be using thread that blends with the background when I re-do it, for sure!

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