Silk tie fun

Part of the fun of working on my Weekly Special pieces is always having something to work on in a waiting room. This was started while waiting for an oil change. I showed you the bits of a thrift store silk tie that I used here. I said then that there was a surprising amount of silk in a tie and I’m using more little strips of it in this piece.

WS Blue flowers 1

Gathering the strips was my first thought…sweet little ruffles! I tried arranging them in several directions, just straight.

WS Blue flowers 3 WS Blue flowers 2

and then I remembered the 3-D flowers in Baltimore Album quilts and tried blobs of the ruffled strips to get a visual.

WS Blue flowers 5

Yep–liking it!

Working on sewing them down and adding a few more little bits for stems and leaves.

WS Blue flowers 6

WS Blue flowers

These strips make wonderful fluffy little flowers!

WS Blue flowers 7

I always intended to have beads on this piece, but I may have to change my mind about which beads I use.

WS Blue flowers 8

The large ones will still be fine for the centers, but I think I’ll try out several others before I go any further. I may ditch the large ones, too, if I find a better alternative. It’s not like they are perishable…they will find a home!

Maybe only a partial finish for the week, but it’s getting close.

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