Gingko love!

Last fall I really went nuts stamping on fabric with leaves. You’ve seen several of the maple and sycamore leaves that I’ve embroidered and a couple of the gingkoes. I’m starting a new gingko, stamped on black fabric

WS Copper Gingko

and I have a few choices to make regarding the beads I use. I DO have quite a stash of beads from which to choose!

I was quickly able to narrow it down to these few…

WS Copper Gingko 1

and the final decision is…

WS Copper Gingko 2…I think!

Maybe if I look through the beads one more time I’ll find something better. Don’t want to take a chance on missing the perfect combination!!!

And I do have another piece of fabric from which I can create two more gingko pieces. Gray back ground and black gingkoes…

WS gray gingko 1

Any number of possibilities with these. Lots of beads to try out and thinking to do. Do I mind experimenting? What’s the worst that can happen–ruin a little bit of fabric? No big deal–there’s plenty more in my stash and lots more leaves available for stamping. Go for it, girl!


2 thoughts on “Gingko love!

  1. I think you will make some good choices. You certainly have enough beads to choose from. Maybe from now on, when you do some stamping, you might do a small test piece to audition your beads on before you go crazy.


    • Test piece? What’s that? Sounds like planning and I sure never do that! And then I wouldn’t have an excuse to haul out ALL my beads and drool over them, would I?

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