Snow dye pictures

This feels like something that’s been done too much, but something that must also be done to add to the body of knowledge!

I had some fabric with soy wax, ready to be dyed. I also had some fabric that needed to be over-dyed. I took the large Florida leaf plant stamped fabric and dyed it also.

Fabrics ready to be dyed…

Snow dye 1

Snow added and dye (liquid) with just a bit of dry powder…

Snow dye 2 Snow dye 3

And the results…

Snow dye 4 Snow dye 5 Snow dye 6

I know that some people put the snow tubs in a warm place, like 70º, but in the winter, I don’t have a place that warm in my house. I just left the tubs in the basement ’till the next day and then soaked and washed as usual. I’m happy with the results, but I don’t think it’s so much better that I need to haul snow in the house! I think I’ll just dye as usual!


10 thoughts on “Snow dye pictures

  1. Have you tried ice dyeing? I like it better than snow. Bags of ice are easy to handle and with just sprinkling on powder dye you can get some wonderful color textures. I usually use 3-5 colors and then I get a wonderful mottled effect (often looking like flowers). It is fun!!


    • Ice dyeing doesn’t intrigue me much, either. I guess I’m just happy with my regular dyeing. I may devote some time to it when I’m doing dyeing with my friends this summer, just to have some immediate comparisons.

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  2. Looks like you got good results. The only way to know if snow is better or not to your liking is dye one set regularly and one set right next to it in another bin with with snow. All conditions the same in both except for the snow.


    • Results really don’t have a lot to do with my mindset on this. Winter is hard and long in Michigan and I think I get enough of the cold and snow outside without bringing it in to dye with! Maybe I’ll feel differently if I do it at the beginning of winter, not the end!


  3. I do like how you get the atmospheric type stuff with the snow, same as you do with the humidity. You can get some gorgeous textural stuff going on in these pieces. I like that sweat is not running in my eyes! HA! I do like it better in the summer though I agree.


    • I’m especially happy with the soy wax ones. I think I’ll stick to warm weather dyeing though…no big advantage to working with the snow!

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