Starting fresh

Workshop project–I love learning new things, especially when the project WORKS!

Door 8

This is the picture I wanted to turn into a quilted wall hanging, but it needed to fit into a specific size for our group exhibit proposal. Well, I worked hard to try and make it fit that size and format, but this is a horizontal picture all the way. It did not want to be squeezed and stretched into a vertical shape! So glad I brought more than one picture from which to choose!

AND it gave me a chance to practice again on the method we were using in the class. Bonus!

Here’s my drawing/plan. I was looking for fabric to use for the bricks and re-found a bunch of silk drapery samples that I’ve had stashed away.

brick door 1

It was one of those AHA! moments and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

brick door 2

I also picked out some shadow material, because the shadows are such an important part of the picture.

brick door 3

So–door selected and drawn out–check. Fabrics selected for bricks and shadows–check. Background fabric? Burgundy wool–check. Start prepping the bricks and layout to see if it’s actually going to work–check!

brick door 4

Oh, yes—-this is going so well, I almost can’t work fast enough to get from thought to fabric! I had to stop before I got the shadows on, but that’s just as well. It will take a bit more “fiddly” work to get those figured out and placed correctly. If I don’t get that part right…for me, I think all the rest is simply a background for the shadows on the door!

brick door 5

Hope to get back to it soon. However, there are some unexpected commitments cropping up, so it may be a few days. I am eager to finish this one!!


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    • I’ve had these plaids for quite a number of years before I found a use for them. I’m interested in seeing what stitching will do for this piece! Can’t wait ’till I get to that point.

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