Stencil tip

As I was taping the edges of some stencils today, it ocurred to me that maybe you don’t know about this tip. I believe that I heard it from my friend Susan Rothamel of USArtquest and Art Papers Online.

Stencil tip 1

Basically, you tape the edges of your stencils to extend your ‘safe painting’ area. These new stencils have a hole punched out for hanging and tiny punched out holes with the manufacturer’s info. I certainly don’t need to have that stuff show up on my fabric.

I use duct tape–because duct tape fixes everything! Pull out a length of tape, sticky side up and lay the stencil along the edge of the tape. I generally start with the edge that has that hanging hole, making sure to cover it up. Then simply fold the tape over the stencil. Usually I like to match the edges ’cause it just looks better.

Stencil tip 2

Continue around the stencil for all four sides, trimming the edges after folding over.

Stencil tip 3

Stencil tip 4

You can see that I have extended the safe area all around the stencil. It’s also easier to see the edges and easier to pick up the stencils!

Sometimes those stencils don’t have a lot of room between the hole and the edge. As long as there is any room at all to get your tape on, you will be less likely to get unwanted paint on your fabric.

Stencil tip 5

See–I’ve increased the size of the edge by about 1/2″.

Stencil tip 6

Sometimes I’m in too much of a hurry to add tape to the edges. I most often regret it, with paint where I don’t want it. So this is a tip I want to pass on to anyone who uses a stencil for anything. Thanks, Sue!



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