Right off the hoop…

Started in on a new set of Weekly Special projects. I played just a little bit with my new stencils and couldn’t wait to get started using the fabric. I couldn’t even press out the hoop marks before I took the photos. For some reason I did not use the bright and bold colors that I ordinarily choose. That means I need some guidance on keeping these softer and more subtle.

Right now, this looks very bland and boring to me.

WS stencil rust 1

The details are nice, but you have to get up really close to even see them.

WS stencil rust 2

By the way, these pieces are both right around 11″ square, so not very big at all.

I love the background fabric for this little tree. So much that I actually used it 3 times, with the tree being a slightly different color each time.

WS stencil green tree 1

However, embroidery alone does not do the trick. Maybe I should have made a bright orange or magenta tree, but this is what I started with!!!

WS stencil green tree 2

For those of you who like things a little more subdued than I do, would these pieces appeal as is? Do they need more embroidery? Or can I go crazy with sparkly beads?

Please feel free to make any suggestion that occurs to you. They will be mounted on 12 x 12 stretched canvas and everything is under consideration. I have a few more of these in the quieter colors and I’m not really confident working in a softer voice!