Right off the hoop…

Started in on a new set of Weekly Special projects. I played just a little bit with my new stencils and couldn’t wait to get started using the fabric. I couldn’t even press out the hoop marks before I took the photos. For some reason I did not use the bright and bold colors that I ordinarily choose. That means I need some guidance on keeping these softer and more subtle.

Right now, this looks very bland and boring to me.

WS stencil rust 1

The details are nice, but you have to get up really close to even see them.

WS stencil rust 2

By the way, these pieces are both right around 11″ square, so not very big at all.

I love the background fabric for this little tree. So much that I actually used it 3 times, with the tree being a slightly different color each time.

WS stencil green tree 1

However, embroidery alone does not do the trick. Maybe I should have made a bright orange or magenta tree, but this is what I started with!!!

WS stencil green tree 2

For those of you who like things a little more subdued than I do, would these pieces appeal as is? Do they need more embroidery? Or can I go crazy with sparkly beads?

Please feel free to make any suggestion that occurs to you. They will be mounted on 12 x 12 stretched canvas and everything is under consideration. I have a few more of these in the quieter colors and I’m not really confident working in a softer voice!


5 thoughts on “Right off the hoop…

  1. Don’t know much about the modern look, but I would do some quilting in the background so that the designs come forward. Love the tree.


    • I have some straight line quilting going on, but a bit more closer to the shapes would be an easy addition.

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  2. I appreciate your dilemma…….After all these years creating one-of-kind pieces I still have a tendency to ‘blend’ my designs too much. The embroidery textures work…..but I do agree…..the overall design could use some pumping up.

    One trick I’ve used (after the piece has failed me – grinning) is to outline the shapes using a contrasting thread….such as black around the tree to allow it to pop more. Just a thought……


  3. I think if you FMQ the white with white thread it will make the motifs pop and one will just want to look closer and touch (if you let them)
    The second one is perfect as is! Love that background fabric 🙂


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