Making cute…or cliche?

Continuing on with the Weekly Special projects, I almost feel like I’m in factory production mode. I’ve been getting sets of similar squares ready to be stitched, then another set, and I’m about ready for a third set. It’s fine for the original pupose of always having a project ready to go and the discipline of continuous work, but I’m starting to feel like I’m in craft fair production mode…getting stuff done, but it’s not always thoughtful work.

I have a lot of time to think while I’m busily stitching away and that’s the question I’m asking myself today. Am I happy just having fun with needle and thread? Or, do I want to spend more time planning and thinking about the pieces I’m making, making with more meaning? No decision yet, but I am pondering that question.

In the meantime, here’s what I’m doing…

WS April stencils 2

Only stitching, no beads or quilting or finished edges.

WS April stencils 1

And I’m definitely having fun doing this!

WS April stencils 3

Planning on quite a few beads on this one.

WS April stencils 4

And I know that some blogs would only show small parts of 1 project at a time, drag it out in order to have more posts ready to go, but that’s just not me! I show you where I’m at, at the moment I get there.

All this coming week, we’ll be enjoying our grandson every day during his spring break. That means lots of fun, but very little sewing. That also means it’s a good thing to have ready-to-go-projects. I may not post the few stitches I take, but I will cherish every moment spent with AJ…much more important!


7 thoughts on “Making cute…or cliche?

  1. I am doing a lot of experimenting with various media. That does not mean that everything I do must be a masterpiece. It is just exploring new ideas. And once in awhile, I do turn out something good. That makes me happy.


    • This is definitely making me happy and I’m enjoying what I’m playing with, so maybe that’s all I need right now!

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  2. Ask yourself what you’re getting out of your “fun” time, and if there are any negatives to it. Are you using time on that you “should” be using on something else? If it’s a delay tactic, then maybe it’s a bad thing. But maybe it isn’t, and maybe your brain is restoring itself with fun, in order to be able to do something more serious later.

    btw, I think they are wonderful! Love the stitching.


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