Orange or magenta?

It’s an absolutely beautiful spring day here today. I should be out in the yard, cleaning up the winter twigs and getting ready for new mulch and new plants. However, this IS Michigan and I know that it’s really still too early to do anything. There would inevitably be a big frost kill or even snow if I try to plant even one plant! Ask me how I know…

I’m doing the next best thing, though. I have my sewing area set up right next to the screen door onto the deck. All the benefits without the work of hauling out and cleaning the deck furniture, which, of course, would lead to more yard chores and no sewing. Big negatory on that scenario!

The smaller Weekly Special projects are moving along very well, but my big sycamore leaf print project is giving me the guilts! All it needs is some sparkle with beads and then quilting around the leaves, yet, I procrastinate.

Thought I had it all worked out. I was going to have a nice, consistent, over-all sprinkle of beads, with this wonderful orange bead.

Sycamore leaves beads 1

Can you even SEE them? Yes, there are beads, in the upper right portion of the picture. I’m pretty sure I don’t want to put in the time doing the beading for an effect that can’t be seen!

Re-thinking…taught a color class yesterday, so I’m taking my own advice. Look to the complementary color for a spark in your design. Sooooo…from orange to magenta. Kinda complementary.

Sycamore leaves beads 2

At least they can be seen and I think when I have them all over the 3 big leaves, it will work much better than the orange. And by the time I get all that beading done, I’m sure it will be the best decision I’ve ever made!!!

Not gonna change it now…



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    • Nope…the orange is work without added value. Can’t even see the orange beads, so it’s magenta all the way!

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