KEQ meeting

KEQ-Knot Even Quilters—that’s my art quilting small group. Before it had the KEQ name, we called it Wacky Quilters and that’s what we still call the group around my house!

We had our meeting this week and since I’ve been doing lots of embroidery, that’s what we took a look at this time. Most of the ladies have done embroidery at some point, but not for a long, long time. And two of them do their sewing left-handed, so it was good that they could help each other out with instructions written for right handers!

KEQ embroidery 1

We talked about needles and threads and fabrics and hoops and stabilizers and then got down to a quick practice session with some basic stitches.

KEQ embroidery 2

Examples helped everyone see how these basic stitches can be varied and used to have lots of fun with stitching. And, of course, practice, practice, practice!

Then we got to the fun part of the meeting–show and tell!

Betty made this absolutely gorgeous bag, for our crayon challenge. Her color was lavendar. It is stunning!

KEQ embroidery 3

Then she made this yellow piece, just for fun!

KEQ embroidery 4

Trish is using our crayon challenge to work out a small sample of something she wishes to create in a larger format. It has a hole in it and is really, really cool!

KEQ embroidery 5

None of the rest of us had anything done for the crayon challenge. We didn’t really have a deadline, but we are also great procrastinators! Hopefully, we’ll have some more pieces done for next meeting.

Mary Lee brought a piece that will be entered in a show that I think is just spectacular.

KEQ embroidery 6

She brought several other pieces, but this is the only one I took a picture of.

This group is so talented and I love being part of it. Our members have such varied interests that someone is always bringing in something new and exciting. Can’t wait to see what happens next month!


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