Amazing–a finished top!

My text quilt start growing quickly when I remembered to keep it simple. Here are all the ‘pieces parts’ on the wall waiting for assembly.

Text quilt 9

I don’t think about how it will all come together when I’m placing components on the design wall. I’m only concentrating on how I feel about the look of the piece. Getting the pieces actually sewn together sometimes requires some deep thinking and creative seaming. On this one, I got it all figured out except for this one problem area. (In the green square)

Text quilt 10

Totally surrounded by partial seams, I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it work. So it was obviously time to take a break and go out to lunch with friends! When I came home, everything just went together beautifully and now the top is DONE!

Text quilt final

This quilt will never be one that I point to as an example of good improv piecing or good design, but it will serve it’s purpose well, I’m sure. Often, I put a quilt top together and then just set it on the shelf. That’s how I ended up with almost 20 UFO’s on that shelf! This time, I’m going to get it quilted right away…and I’m going to use some of my felted wool for the backing, and no batting needed. Use up the stash, right? And I have lots of wool to use up, too! I’ll let you know how that works out!

And as I was putting the wool in the washer to felt, I had a sudden inspiration for another piece……..hmmmm. Sounds like a tale for next time!