City of…what?

I’ve had this project in my head for literally years. I painted it a long time ago and want to make it in cloth. In my experiments with dye, paint and stencils, I created cloth that I think will work. Today I started to get real about it.

Inspiration painting:

New project 7

I started throwing stuff up on the design wall, which is my usual first step in designing a project. It wasn’t long before I had fabric spread out all over the place.

New project 1

More on the table

New project 8

New project 6

Decided on the following combinations of fabrics to use for my city silhouette lines.

New project 2 New project 3 New project 4 New project 5

It took a while and I almost gave up when looking for a fabric for the sky and the ground. I’m not positive that I have what I need, but I’m close. This piece of fabric dyed up beautifully, but I only need a tiny bit for a sky!

New project 11

You know, the more you search, the more you are reminded of all the gorgeous fabric you have. I was momentarily distracted and almost switched to a different project idea when I came across this group.

New project 10

But I held firm and I think I have a layout plan.

New project 12

The way I’m planning on using these fabrics, I actually have enough to make two very similar pieces or make this one twice as wide. I think I will be happier sticking with my original rectangular format inspiration. Making two at once will take away some of the fear of ruining one-of-kind-materials. I have that fear all the time and sometimes it paralyzes me and prevents me from moving forward with a design. That’s a bigger block for me than any other and I always feel better when I brace up and make the first cut!

My thoughts are turning now toward the actual construction methods I will be using. I think fusibles but I don’t like to draw everything in reverse and hope it comes out all right when it’s cut and flipped over.

New project 9

Maybe my drawing will be on freezer paper. It has worked for me before. I think it will work for me again this time!

My brain has had a workout planning fabrics. I think it needs a rest before it’s time to draw and cut and fuse. (See how I’m putting off cutting into that fabric?) I’m going to let things roll around inside my thinking space for a night and I’ll get back to it tomorrow. There are things that might change, but I think the contextual design work on this project is done.

And somehow I’m obsessing over the name of the piece! I believe I want to name it City of Red Gold, or City of something, but probably in Spanish or French. I’ll have to see how it sounds in other languages, but I want to be able to say it correctly, too. We’ll see how that all works out!