Loose ends

Have you ever been between projects, looking for just a little playtime sewing? Or in the middle of a big project, needing a little something for a break? I’ve often been in that position and I seem to do something similar every time.

I’ll look around the studio and something will catch my eye. Sometimes it’s a hunk of fabric on the shelf, sometimes a scrap floating towards the scrap basket, sometimes an embellishment that needs a foundation…it’s a spark that starts a little flame of creativity.

In between project

I found a bunch of scraps that look wonderful together. They are all ironed and ready to be sewn together. Will I actually DO it, or is the gathering and pressing and thinking about sewing enough of a distraction? Enough of a break from the big project?

I’m not sure, but I do have more than one little pile of gathered materials that have never been sewn…