Hand stitching = slow progress

When a project reaches the hand stitching stage, it absolutely slows down. I’ve spent many years working only with machine stitching and quilting and I love it. However, I’ve gone back to my first love of hand sewing with many of my current projects…and I love it! A real love fest here with every kind of stitching!

However, getting things fused down and ready to sew on my city project made it decision time again. Hand or machine? Little of both?

City Red:Gold 12

I put a line of machine stitches along the edges my buildings. I’m not so sure that machine work is the way to go on this one. Naturally, one line of thread isn’t going to tell the story, but it seems too wimpy.

Since I’ve fallen in love with embroidery again, naturally I moved on to trying that out.

City Red:Gold 13

I’m never too impressed when I first start out. It just doesn’t seem like much. But I’ve learned to keep adding more. To tell the whole story, lots of stitches are necessary.

City Red:Gold 14

One row doesn’t do it, with either machine or hand!

Keep stitching, Kathy!!!

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