Loose ends

I’ve sort of been spinning my wheels for a day or two here. I need to make some decisions before proceeding with my City of Red/Gold piece. From a distance, you really don’t notice all the texture I’ve been stitching onto it.

Loose ends 4

There is a lot to see when you get closer. The purple section is the most noticeable, both because it’s large and dark and because it has higher contrast thread.

Loose ends 5

The other sections have stitching but it’s much less distinctive. Even though purple is my least favorite color, it is what it is and that’s how this is emerging.

Loose ends 6

The light areas at the top and bottom are not stitched yet. I believe I want to add my inner layer before I sew this part and then add beading to the whole piece. I’m not sure about the backing, when to add it, how to make sure it stays attached when this is hanging, which edge finish to use, quilting…those decisions have my thoughts spinning and my hands idle for this piece.

So I’m looking around at whatever else might capture my imagination…

A friend gave me some needlepunch acrylic yarn. It looks like wool so I thought I’d see how well it sews. I have a small piece of wool that I dyed, ready for sewing.

Loose ends 1

I picked out a colored area, squinted to come up with an imagined shape within the colors and started sewing. The yarn works just fine.

Loose ends 2

I might try it in the bobbin of my machine, too.

But what about my Weekly Specials, you ask? They were supposed to be always at the ready, to be picked up whenever there was idle time. Well…………..they are ready…and I have some idle time…I just haven’t picked them up! These are partially done.

Loose ends 3

They need some beads and finishing. I just haven’t been inspired to work on them. Perhaps I need to remind myself of the reasons I wanted to make these!

Or maybe I’m spinning my wheels ’cause deep down I’m feeling lazy and uninspired! It happens. But I’m a Pollyanna and I know I’ll be back in the groove shortly!


2 thoughts on “Loose ends

  1. Oh my gosh, your “City” quilt is very successful…..it’s okay that the texture isn’t all that obvious until you get a closer look….the overall design will draw the view in and that will be their reward!!


    • It feels pretty dramatic to me, but sometimes when you are close to a work it’s hard to tell. AND I have the ‘other half’ of each color strip available to make a similar piece, so I feel very free to experiment…oh, wait…I *always* feel free to experiment!!!

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