Bracing for disappointment

Knowing about something and being able to DO something about it are two different things. I’m doing the rinse out on some quilt backs that I dyed.

Dye backs

I KNOW that extra dye is needed for this amount of fabric and to get a deep, rich color. I put extra dye in…I KNOW that they will rinse out and dry a lot lighter.

I’m expecting that they will not come out how I saw them in my imagination! Will they be all right for what I’m doing? I hope so. But it is also possible that they will be going for another dye bath before they are done! The wash machine is spinning now…

Meanwhile, I’ve started to feel guilty about not finishing any of the weekly special projects, so I gathered them up, painted a canvas or two and chose beads.

WS finish line

These all need a little bit of sparkle and then they are ready to mount. I will feel so much better when they are truly finished!

I’m also ready to go back to pieced backgrounds for a few of these Weekly Specials. Everyone knows that a scrap pile never seems to get any smaller!


5 thoughts on “Bracing for disappointment

  1. So happy to be your internet Psychologist and listen to your frustrations. I suspect that fabrics are male and female and those scraps just keep multiplying. We need to separate them.


  2. Most people may think this statement is nuts….but I suspect you’d get it….”it’s comforting to know you have a pile of unfinished projects ready to bead!!!”


    • Mary, you are 100% correct with that statement! I love knowing that there is something that I can grab and start working on whenever I need it. Comforting, indeed.

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