Guilt motivates…

Yes, guilt has always been a good motivator for me. I have a huge responsibility gene and when I make a commitment to anything, I am guilt ridden if I don’t follow through all the way.

That holds true for my Weekly Special commitment to myself, evidently. Just the mention of those unfinished pieces in my last post made the guilt pangs start!

They need some edge finishing and some beads…so that’s what I’m working on today!

It took just a few minutes to select the beads I wanted to use…and as I start using them, I also start second guessing my choices. Do I want more contrast, bigger beads, more of them?

WS beading

Whoa!!!! Keep it simple, stick with the original choice and stitch on! We just need a tiny bit of sparkle. Keep on stitchin’ and get it done. My guilt needs finishes, not a stack of possibilities.

One other note from my last post–the blue dyed quilt back was fine, but the pink one went for another little bath. It turned out okay to use, but it was not perfect. I probably need to do some more color study–and that, my friends, gives me another reason to dye some more fabric! Life is sweet!

Pink backing

I should have gone with green, and I may yet. This might not be quite close enough in color…sigh! And then I’d have to buy more fabric, too…

As I said, life is sweet!


8 thoughts on “Guilt motivates…

    • Oh, yes, I’ve fallen hard for hand embroidery again! Can’t seem to get enough of it right now. And it takes as long or longer than my beading, so I am truly in the slow stitching mode around here….and I love it!

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  1. let’s talk about the word guilt… girl!! Forgeddaboudit! You may be driven to make more, to put ideas into action but guilt is uncalled for, IMHO. I tried to see a detail of the beading you’re talking about and either my eyes are too old (humph) or I can enlarge the pic enough to see beads. LEeAnna


    • It’s easy to SAY forget about the guilt—I SAY it all the time. But it’s so ingrained that it’s very hard. And, yes, the beads are small, similar in color to the paint and thread and just add a bit of sparkle if you are close up or in the sunlight. Just enough to satisfy my ‘need-to-bead’ obsession!


  2. Maybe it is a Midwest Thing. I don’t know. I am on a mission to use up everything I have in my stash before I die. No matter how tempted I am, the only indulgence I am allowing is when I have to make a baby quilt. I want to die with nothing in my stash. lol. But then there is always my painting supplies.


    • I’d like to do that but I’m still subject to temptation! I just love fabric and the only way for me to NOT indulge is to avoid fabric stores altogether…or wear blinders when I go in!

      On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 9:24 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



    • Could be a midwest thing–along with the good work ethic, or in my case, it could be oldest child syndrome or Catholic upbringing sinner’s guilt. It all works together the same way, but it DOES mean that I’m getting those things finished so it’s not all bad!

      On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 7:55 AM, Quirks Ltd. wrote:



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