Poppin’ back…

It’s time to get back to my City project. I’ve spent time getting the mulch down and we cleaned out the garage and I stitched on some door prizes. I’m ready for something else.

I added more hand stitching to the sky and land areas, which you can’t really see from a distance…just like the rest of the hand stitching!

City Red:Gold 31

Simple running stitches with square angles, which to me give continuity to the piece.

City Red:Gold 32

Now I need to start adding beads. But do I bead before I add a back and then find a way to secure that back, dodging the beads? Or do I finish the edges and stitch layers together first and bead between the layers?

Oh, I am so very, very bad at making decisions!

There’s a lot of procrastination available in bead selection, though. Here’s a little pile of rejects. There are more rejects that have already been put away!

City Red:Gold 33

I’m not sure where the beads will end up, but this is the tentative line-up for the top half.

City Red:Gold 34

And the bottom half, a bit darker, going light again at the bottom…

City Red:Gold35

And there’s no more procrastination to be had. Decisions must be made before I can do anything else. I think my brain might be hurting a little bit from bouncing back and forth between the options!

I’m pretty sure I’m going with the easier beading option and I’ll figure out the backing later. Perfect–decision and procrastination at the same moment! Aaaargh!