Weekly Specials…on track

My goal of one small piece per week hasn’t been right on track at all. I started out strong, but got busy and it kind of stalled. Well, I’m getting close to back on track…a couple of finishes this week have helped.

Hydrangea 1

I’m calling this a hydrangea and it was almost a disaster! I’ve been gluing these onto the painted canvases and using wood glue with no problems–until now. I got a little heavy-handed with the glue and it bled through in a couple of places. Aaargh! Luckily it dries slowly and is water soluble. I soaked it, rinsed it, soaked it, swished it around and ALL the glue came out! Hooray! Dried it, pressed it and mounted it with tacky glue and a light hand. Phew!

Hydrangea 1 detail

See…can’t see a problem even in the detail. I am sooooo lucky!

I also finished up this dandelion and I just love the little green beads that I added. Which, of course, are not visible from a distance.

Dandelion 1

But look good in a close-up!

Dandelion 1 detail

I have three more that are just waiting for the paint to dry on the canvases and then I’m ready to start on a different type of Weekly Special. Probably a pieced background with a large focus bead…that sounds interesting for a few future pieces!


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    • Those that cover the entire canvas are easy, as I can put a coat of glue on with a foam brush. Those that aren’t quite that big get the glue on the piece, especially on the corners and that is where it’s way too easy to get too much!

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