Another dye day!

I love to invite lots of people over and dye stuff together! I try to do it once or twice a summer and this week–it’s happening!

I’m going to try something new. I “inherited” a bunch of embroidery floss and the majority of it is black–no dye love there! I’m taking the rest–pale green, pink, white and an unattractive brownish burgundy–and playing with color. Variegated colors are like heaven to me so I’m going to throw on some colors and see what happens, try to make them attractive at the same time! Experiments are just that, though. We’ll have to wait and see what happens!

Dye floss 1

I have lots of other dye failures that I want to play with also, to try and rescue them. I’ve never been able to make nice, light airy colors and these are no exception. So, as long as they are already dark and ugly, what do I have to lose? I could end up with a lot of black, but this is also a good way to remind myself of what colors do to each other, how they blend and overdye and I could end up liking these!

Redye fabric

I have some white fabric ready for dyeing, too, but I’m thinking that might interest me more when I’m ready to do some more deconstructed screen printing. Love doing it, but I still haven’t tried it on my own and I’m not really sure what I’m doing so that will be another big learning day…hope I get a chance to do it soon.

In the meantime, the dyes are sitting on the table, ready to go…

Back soon with the results!