I’ve GOT to use this stuff up!

Here’s the washed out, unpressed pile of dyed fabrics from the other day. Most were overdyes of past mistakes and quite a few came out very much improved.

Dye day results 2015

But my dilemna continues with what to DO with them after I make them! It’s so much fun to do the dyeing, but it’s not so easy to find a good way to use them…at least for me. Are they too “precious” to use? I don’t think so. I think I just have a hard time combining them both with commercial fabrics and even with each other.

What I believe I will try is a more traditional quilt pattern that I like, probably add a little improv twist, and make a full size quilt with hand dyes. That doesn’t sound too terribly hard, does it? I just know myself enough to realize that it will be hard to select and start sewing…because I’ll get distracted by some pretty piece of fabric and go off on a tangent with another project and forget what I was doing in the first place! But my intentions are good this time and I’m going to try very hard to GET A BED QUILT FINISHED!

Uh-oh—-here’s a distraction before I even finish this blog! I think the embroidery floss that I dyed might have some good potential. It’s still wet in the photo, but the colors look very promising. Might have to try them out…..no-no-no! Use up some hand dyes first!

Dye threadsDidn’t realize how little variation I would get, even though I used different dye colors. Lesson learned: don’t use large trays for floss unless you need tons of the same color!

dyed floss

I don’t think I’ll ever use this much “Caribbean color” if I live to be 200!

dyed floss 1

Too much stuff–it’s getting overwhelming…must get cutting and sewing. You know, even if I only make some quilt tops and don’t get them quilted right away, at least the fabric will be used up. Yep…must get cutting and sewing!

There WILL be something to show in the next blog, because I won’t emerge from the studio until I succeed!


8 thoughts on “I’ve GOT to use this stuff up!

  1. Now this is what I need to do…..like you, I incorporate a lot of hand embroidery in my work…….but I need to dye some….so much nicer than the solid DMC threads!! You’ve inspired me…..next time our group dyes….I’m bringing some white threads….


    • Smart people have been doing threads every time they dye something. I have not been in that category, but I certainly will be from now on! I’m also going to throw in some perle cotton, too!

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  2. I love how your thread overdyeing came out. I hadn’t ever thought of doing that. I used to have a big bag of assorted colors that was given to me 40 years ago. I will have to see if I got rid of it. I use clear plastic plates to do my thread hanks. I lay them around the perimeter of the plate and then squirt them dye every inch or so I guess depending on how often I want the colors to repeat. Works pretty well with not too much back dying. The last time I did fabric I put some thread in the bottom of the pot after I stirred it around but before the fabric. Some of that came out nicely mottled. The trick when you do that though is to remember that you did so you don’t dump it down the drain…


    • I know that I need much smaller trays to dye thread, so those plastic plates sound ideal…maybe even the cake plate size. And, yes, I would be one to dump it down the drain because I forgot it was there! This time it was all separate, so it didn’t happen!!

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  3. I agree! Years ago I went into during business because I made so much! Still have a lot!

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    • I’ve thougth about doing it as a business, but don’t want to spend the time necessary to organize, produce and market, much less the discipline to create repeatable colors!


  4. These are wonderful. I am finding more uses for my hand dyes than any commercial fabrics. In time, I will only need to buy commercial fabrics as needed. The stash is getting smaller every day.


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