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Easy improv lesson 2

After making sure that each starter block had a complete frame of the blue-ish fabrics, it’s time to start adding the peach-ish family of colors. However, I still had a few of these strips left and I think this round is the best time to use them up. I added them to blocks randomly until I used them all, but not all the blocks got a second strip like this.

Scrap strips 6

And then I started adding the peach strips. Some of them were long enough to ‘chain piece’ and I pieced together some leftover chunks just to add more variety.

Scrap strips 7

At the end of this round, each block had a blue-ish frame and a peachy frame around each starter piece. They are quite large for the most part and delighfully odd shaped!

Scrap strips 8

It’s time to head for the design wall again and play with placement.

New improv piecers always want to try and fit the blocks together as in traditional piecing. And frankly, it’s a good first choice for experienced improv quilters, too.

Scrap strips 9

It would be very easy to seam together anything that happened to be the same size and/or add little peachy slices to each block to square them up and then sew them together. Making them all square and the same size is pretty easy also.

Another option is to spread these out and fill in lots more space between the blocks.

Scrap strips 10

I could spread them out even further if I wanted a bed size quilt, but I’m thinking couch throw size on this one. Okay–fabric and color options come into play now. Do I want to fill in all that area with peach—or with blue? What I have available in scraps is quite variable, since they are hand dyes. Or do I want to go with a single solid color that could set each block off a bit more? Maybe white? Or something dark and dramatic?

This is the point where you need to ask yourself what you see as the ultimate use for whatever you are making and act accordingly. I am still undecided if this will be a bed quilt or a couch throw. I think it will be a class sample with a solid color background. Easier to show how to make it, and small enough to transport to and from classes. That means couch throw size.

Whew! Decision time is never easy for me, so it feels good to have those decisions made. Now all I have to do is find the time to finish sewing it up and get it quilted. I’ll show it again when it’s totally finished!

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      1. That’s actually just the charcoal felt on my design wall. It helped me decide that on this one I don’t want to go with a dark color—and I almost always DO go dark! I must be feeling summer in my bones, because I want to keep it light.

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