Creating fabric

Had a marvelous time at the class I took this weekend on creating fabric. Started out with blank white fabric and ended up with printed magic.

Of course, not everything we print is awesome, but the fun comes from the playing and making!

And the magic with this class is that we learned so many different ways to put the paint on the fabric. It was so full of information that we didn’t even have time to try everything, but that info is filed away in my brain for future reference!

My buddy Carol created fabric in different classes all weekend and as I came and went, I admired a piece that she made. The little devil slipped it into my bag and I discovered it when I got home. What a sweetheart and now I get to have it and use it!

QU fabric 6

My fabrics were truly experiments in using different tools and I certainly will be working into some of them with more ideas. I also think there may be some cutting into smaller pieces and collage work using these.

QU fabric 7 QU fabric 5 QU fabric 3 QU fabric 4 QU fabric 2 QU fabric 1

Our instructor has an unbelievable collection of stamping items that she has collected and used over the years. And now there is nothing safe and we can’t ever throw anything away, because it might be good for printing someday!!

The only saving grace right now is that I have to order some supplies!


QU2015 Is Done…

…and I’m done in! Lots of fun and great classes–so much wonderful information! It all started on Thursday, with set up of the hospitality room.

QU2015 1

Teaching on Friday, and Patrice getting goofy early in the day!

QU2015 2

We really did get some dyeing done…

QU2015 3

And the hardest part is waiting for the dye to process before we can see how it turns out!

QU2015 4

Chatter and laughter at lunch, as well as door prizes! Hooray!

QU2015 6

And there are three days of this! If I stopped to take pictures of everything, I wouldn’t have had time to go to class.

Lots of people put in a lot of hard work to make this successful and I’m truly grateful for all that they did. But right this very moment, all I can think about is putting my feet up and doing nothing!

Ooooops! Only 1 day of that and I’m off to Blue Lake. Guess I’d better get packing…

Bonus fabric

The fabric store won again! I wanted just a bit more fabric for my new little squares idea. Lucky for me, I found what I needed, though it was from a different bolt. That works in my favor for this project. I also found a few more of the prints I like for this project.

fabric squares

However, I accidentally found some fabric that goes wonderfully with the hand dyed fabric I showed you the other day. I don’t often find commercial fabric that works so well with hand dyes.

coordinating fabrics

Hand dyes–top and right. Commercial–bottom left. How could I possibly pass it by? I did NOT have to buy the rest of the bolt, but there really wasn’t much there…really…really!

Squares, simple squares

I have an idea percolating.

Color square idea 1

There are about 87 million choices…

Color square idea 2

It’s amazing how many of my fabrics can go together. I have always said that we tend to work in the same colorways. It seems as though I have a huge collection of things that contain turquoise!

And for the next two weeks I will not be able to work on this…perhaps I can narrow down some of those 87 million choices while I wait!

Weekly Specials…uh-oh!

I am definitely behind on my Weekly Special goals. I have finished several other items, but that’s not a good excuse. The whole point of the Weekly Specials is to always have something at hand to work on. Something to pick up and stitch instead of looking at facebook or other people’s blogs, or playing solitaire! There are a lot of ways to get time-sucked and I had planned on mine being with stitching.

Stiffening my resolve, I have to get back on the right track. I stocked up on 12 x 12 canvases for mounting…okay, because I had a coupon, not because I was dedicated to the work!

There actually is a pile of stuff ready for me to grab and work on, but a lot of it is a repeat of what I’ve already done. Do you remember several maple leaves in my recent past? Yeah–like that. I wanted something a bit fresher, so I dug a bit deeper and came up with this.

Inspiration dyed 6

All it needed was a bit of quilting and some beading. I’m still trying to be a bit more subtle with the beads, so you can barely see them unless you get close.

Inspiration dyed 7

Now the question becomes–is it enough? Do I really want subtle or should I go totally overboard?

Inspiration dyed 8

If I spend too many hours on any one project, it suddenly wants to become too “precious” to sell for my usual price. Where to stop?

And, you know, these are not master works of art! They are meant to be little pretties, sparkly–color accents or smile-makers. I think I’ll call it good and find something else to work on.

Weekly Specials, remember? Now, how far behind am I…

Too busy and yet…

My fabric is forever calling my name. The next few weeks are going to be super busy for me and I’m trying to get organized, just to survive. And still the fabric gets my attention.

As I was going through the stash to find what I needed for the next classes, I found this piece that I dyed last summer, I think. I barely remembered it.

Inspiration dyed 1

As I recall, I believe I thought it was a big failure. I’m looking at it differently right now. There are a lot of beautiful areas within it and I’m going to try and figure out a good design with which to use it.

I’m beginning to realize that if I’m going to use my hand dyed multi colored fabrics, I have to work with simple shapes in order to let the fabric be the star. Haven’t come up with the right idea for this one yet.

Then this sample pack captured my attention. I don’t really care for either brown or purple, but this made me take a second look!

Inspiration dyed 2

Maybe it’s the clear graphic nature of the prints. I was able to return it to the shelves, though, without having to stop and make something right then and there!

I found one other sampler pack group like that (no picture) but I was able to return that one to the shelves as well. It’s hard to concentrate on ‘have to’ when there are so many distractions.

Could NOT resist this one, though. Another piece I had forgotten about, but since I was getting samples for my dyeing class, I had to go through all the dyed fabric, right?

Inspiration dyed 3

And found a few other forgotten babies that seemed to want to hang out with this one.

Inspiration dyed 4

And maybe just a few more…

Inspiration dyed 5

All right–all right–back to work! Get those dyeing samples and step away from the design wall!

Random…just random!

Did you ever come to that last little scrap of a fabric that you love so much you can’t bear to use it? Welcome to Fabric Hoarders at my house!

Random-fabric scrap

I can’t stand the thought of never seeing this lovely fabric again, so I’m going to pin it to the wall and just look at it.

Don’t you hate to piece a quilt back? I know I do. Sometimes even that single seam down your yardage feels like too much work. But I forced myself to do it today so that I can say I truly used ALL the scraps from my recent Scrappy Modern Improv adventure.


I’d like to get it quilted very soon and perhaps even get a class scheduled to teach it. It’s a great beginning quilt for an improv student.

Sometimes I know where my sleepless nights come from. I started thinking about what’s coming up this month and kinda freaked out a little. My fun quilt group meets Thursday, I’m teaching a class and taking two at QU, and then teaching for 10 days at Blue Lake. Pick up teacher at airport. I’m coordinating the QU teacher display and a challenge for my art quilt group. I have class stuff to prepare to give and class stuff to prepare to take. I need to get organized for my Artisan Showcase in October and there’s a teaching trip to Dallas before that. We have our grandson two days and two overnights each week and that time is precious! I don’t usually get too worked up about all the things I have to do. It’s all part of my busy life and I love it. But occasionally it all comes down into my brain and won’t let me sleep.

So today I selected some samples for Blue Lake and spent some time putting paint on fabric so that I could show what it does and how it feels. Mental clarity…I may not have everything ready yet, but I’m getting there. At least I’ve identified what it is I need to get ready!


Let’s see–stencil, bubble wrap, bottle tops, credit card, brushes, wet fabric, dry fabric…I think I’ve got the basics covered for that class.

Then I made and put a sleeve and label on the donation quilt so that’s ready to go. And basted the quilt I made the backing for.

Such a random day…maybe I’ll do a bit of beading now.