Time out

I want to finish my scrap improv project, but I ran out of scraps. Isn’t that always the way? Actually, my decision was made to go for the easiest possible finishing technique and I didn’t have the fabric I needed.

I’m going to add enough fabric around each block to make them all the same size. It’s a bit wasteful of fabric because a lot gets trimmed off, but it’s sooooo much simpler for assembly! However, I do not have large pieces of fabric. For years I have been buying and dyeing smaller pieces, so when I want a larger piece, I either get to go to the fabric store or dye a big chunk.

Fabric store didn’t have a color I was happy with, so I have a pile of fabric sitting in a dye bath right now.

Scraps for 12 dye

This is not always the smart way to go, though, since this fabric may not turn out to be a color I like either, but it’s worth a try!

In the meantime, a couple of scraps fell off the shelf and I used the very last bits of the blue-green scraps I had out and built a little 12 x 12. Not sure of the orientation and I’ll probably add some beads!

Scraps for 12 Scraps for 12 rotated

Dyed fabric processes tomorrow, so I should be able to finish my Scrap Mover quilt!



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    • Hand dyed only makes you have MORE fabric! And the scraps around here are winning the war, not me!

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